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Are you looking for a sound recordist and/or someone to do audio production & post-production? I’m looking for work! Get a feel for what we have at our disposal together:

Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Microphone
Zoom H5 Stereo Pair
Audiotechnica AT 2050
Shure SM7B
Shure SM58

Tascam DR-60 D PCM Recorder (4 In, Dual Recording)
Zoom H5 Hand Recorder (2 In + Stereo Pair)
M-Audio FastTrack C600 (4 In) 
MOTU 8 Pre

RØDE Blimp with Lyre Suspension & Windscreen
RØDE Boompole
Mic Stands & Tripods

Software/VST/Sample Libraries
Ozone 8
MeldaProduction MFreeFX Bundle
Native Instruments Komplete 5
Spitefire Audio LABS Collection
Samples from Mars Collection
Valhalla Room Reverb

Personal Reserves
To date, I have 111GB of field sound & self-produced samples, including: singing bowls, bells, chimes, micropercussion (coins, grains, ceramics),  samples of prepared percussion, sounds from industry (Edmonton Waste Management Centre), sounds from Japan (Shibuya, Shinjuku, temples, commerce, F1 engine, Hiroshima peace bell, train stations, foxes, etc.), sounds from Australia & New Zealand, samples of old analogue synthesizers (EML & Korg), nature sounds, organic sounds, and more.

On set sound: $300 daily flat or $70 hourly
Production & Post-Production: Contact me to negotiate 

Contact Me 