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Receive free help setting up your devices / Learn from someone with a strong and proven DIY ethic / Inherit a long curated library of resources to learn from, free software and VST recommendations, as well as “further reading” on creative approaches and aesthetics, including the philosophy of Deep Listening / Commitment to accessibility means you’ll work within your means with the best freeware options / Build a mutual Dropbox library to store projects, sound banks, lesson summaries, and VST files / Learn principles that are fully transferable to industry standard software / Draw a roadmap of what you want to learn / Keep it guerrila, keep it about you.

Lesson content is taught in Reaper, a powerful, free to try, open source digital audio workstation selling full, discounted licenses for $60 USD. (Reaper’s free to try model offers indefinite full functionality, perfect for students who want to feel sure before committing.)

hour lesson is $50 OBO
please contact me with any questions .