University of Alberta : September 2011 - December 2016
Bachelor of Arts (English with a minor in Music)


Music, sound, embodiment and spatiality, interactivity, textuality, aleatoric art, improvisation, collision, digital arts.



>>Digital Arts

  • Planet Booie, webcomic : co-founded with Simone Kousol-Graham. Writing, direction. (2017)
  • xQuartet Video Synthesizer : Max/MSP/Jitter patch for live generation of geometric patterns for video projection. (2017)
  • GranPerformer : Max/MSP patch for live granular synthesis, stuttering, and other grain manipulation. (2016)
  • Machine Sight : digital installation exploring how machine subjectivities visualize and sonorize users from data available to them; Max/MSP/Jitter patch utilizing Kinect data. (2016)
  • Granulate : Max/MSP vocal processor that triggers stuttered signal from buffer, in tempo, when gain of dry signal passes adjustable threshold. (2016)
  • Cache_22 : short video game in the Neverwinter Nights engine; group coursework for University of Alberta's CMPUT 250 Game Design course. Composed soundtrack and helped shape narrative, including game trees and dialogue. (2015)

>>Published Work (link to section)


2015, Cécile E. Mactaggart Travel Award for Narrative Writing
2014, University of Alberta Write 298 Award for Creative Non-Fiction
2012, Jason Lang Scholarship